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Expense Claim Workspace

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Expense claim demo

This workspace demonstrates the automatic workflow capabilities of Sense/Net

Draft expense claims

  • Select one of the pending expense claims below or create a new one.
  • Add or modify an existing expense claim item under the claim.
  • Send the expense claim for approval by selecting the Send for approval option from the menu.
  • A task will be created in the Tasks list and will be assigned to the Manager of the user who created the claim. If the sum of the claim is bigger than the budget limit (set on the workflow) or the user does not have a manager, the CEO will receive the task instead.

Pending expense claims

  • Expense claims that are wating approval are listed here.
  • If you modify the claim it will interrupt the workflow and the claim will return to the first list.
  • Approve or Reject the expense claim by pressing one of the buttons on the task browse page.
  • If the administrator rejected the claim it will return to the first list.

Approved expense claims

  • Approved claims are listed here
  • If you modify a claim it will return to the first list and has to be sent for approval again.
Draft Expense Claims
Pending Expense Claims
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Approved Expense Claims
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