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Foundation-based sliders are good examples of how easy it is to integrate external libraries with Sense/Net. The sliders below are technically the same, but we configured them to demonstrate different functionalities: the first one allows you to add videos (both from internal and external sources), while the second shows the possibility to choose still images and define custom ‘Call to action’ buttons which redirect your visitors to a designated page, be it internal or external –dependent from permissions of course.

Sliders are responsive, meaning they will be automatically resized based on the screen resolution. The size of the texts is a proportional value using the width of the slider as a baseline.

For more information on how to configure the sliders, please see the Sense/Net Wiki.

Video Slider
  • Add videos from YouTube

    The slider allows you to add videos from external sources, such as YouTube. You can define the path of the video along with the text and call to action buttons in the settings of the video slider.

  • Upload videos to the repository

    Use videos from the repository in your slider! Simply upload videos and select it at the Background name setting. While you’re there, you can customize the text and button behaviors too!

Image Slider
  • Brutal performance Extreme customization

    Build your intranet, extranet and internet site in one system using our open source ECM and Portal platform. From WYSIWYG publishing to SAP integration all in one system.

    Brutal performance Extreme customization
  • Fastest content repository on Earth

    We have tested it. We have saved over 100 million documents to Sense/Net Content Repository with over 300 documents per second on average. All documents indexed and searchable immediately.

    Fastest content repository on Earth
  • View documents without downloading

    No more waiting for large documents to download. Preview documents in your desktop or tablet browser, plus highlight, annotate and redact documents as you wish.

    View documents without downloading
  • Query content like never before

    Content is the heart and soul of Sense/Net. The new Query Builder tool allows end users to write, save and run queries to find relevant content faster.

    Query content like never before
  • Multiple devices? No problem!

    You don’t need to stop if you leave your desk. Sense/Net works in the browser, so you have access to all your information, from any device that has one.

    Multiple devices? No problem!
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Slider demo
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