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Dynamic content

Go to dynamic content demo

Check out our news section; you can create, edit and delete news, use built-in lifespan support for timed publishing. The smart application model takes the work of presentation off editors' shoulders, while ensuring a consistent style site-wide.
» Dynamic content demo


Go to content demo

Creating content and displaying it with a simple portlet has never been easier. This simple demo will give you an insight into the powerful content presentation capabilities of Sense/Net.
» Content demo


Go to workspaces demo

Do you have a project with hundreds of documents to manage, memos and tasks to handle, deadlines to keep in mind? Organize your content under workspaces and save hours of work by managing content with just a few clicks!
» Workspaces demo

Event calendar

Go to event calendar demo

Create, edit, delete and add events to the calendar with a single click. Search events by time period, or just browse the Event Calendar!
» Calendar demo


Go to gallery demo

Browse your images in the gallery with Lightbox, create albums, give titles and descriptions, adjust thumbnail and view size, while preserving images in their original resolution.
» Gallery demo

Content collection customization

Go to content collection customization demo

Customize content collection layout. Do you want a two-column news reader? Or do you want to see your thesaurus in 5 columns? Click here and check it out!
» Content collection customization demo

Miscellaneous Features


Go to menu demo

You can restructure your menu with just a few clicks. Don’t believe us? Change the default vertical menu to a horizontal one within 10 sec!
» Menu demo


Go to search demo

Discover the Sense/Net search engine, and put it to the test! We guarantee that you will be amazed by its speed. Try any common word as a search expression, you won’t be disappointed!
» Search demo



Keep yourself updated with the recent changes of different content! Subscribe to an RSS feed of a container and follow the creation and update of new child content just as you got used to with standard web 2.0 RSS feeds.
» RSS demo

Discussion area

Go to discussion area demo

A discussion area that is easy to use and read, without limitations on topic and forum size, and powerful searchability. Start a topic, post messages, or use the Explore view to moderate posts.
» Discussion area demo


Go to form demo

Create forms or reply email templates, add, edit and remove fields, and set up e-mail notification! All form submissions are stored in the Content Repository: Do you want to collect all e-mail addresses? Just write a query and list them!
» Form demo

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