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This demo introduces the CMS capabilities of Sense/Net The current page is the start page for a demo news portal. Visitors may browse news items organized under news sections:

  • Click on a news section (eg. External news) in the menu to browse news articles under a specific section.
  • Click on Contact us to see a custom portlet page displaying a simple message.

Administrators may edit, delete, and add new news articles and customize main page elements:

  • Click on a news section (eg. External news) to manage news articles under a specific section (see detailed information on section pages).
  • Click on Add new menu item to add a new article, news section or custom portlet page and show it in the site menu.
  • Click on Manage content to browse, edit or delete a specific article.

Sense/Net allows you to create a publishing queue by setting the validity intervals. Set the date from when you want to given content to be accessible and when you want it to be automatically taken down. This way, you can ensure only up-to-date information is displayed, without having to constantly check each item. Articles that are not valid any more will only be visible in the Archive section.

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Join us!

Come and join us! Thanks for our rapidly growing business we are looking for candidates in Asia and the US. Four new offices in Asia and the new headquarter is waiting for talented and experienced workforce.

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Africa is calling!

The yearly incentive journey will be held this year in December, when we choose thirty colleagues based on performance to attend an adventure in Africa! Take the chance and do your best!

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Our Developer Team finished the End of Summer Foosball Championship with a glorious victory. They closed the final with 11-1 against the Sales-Marketing Team. Congratulations guys!

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